A Piece of Our Country

So I’m trying my hand at public writing and I’ll really appreciate your criticism and encouragement. I’m starting with politics though.

Over the years, we’ve moved from one democratic system to the next. We’ve been sold different lies and bought them. In 2015, we had two devils and felt we picked the lesser of both evils by voting in GMB now PMB.

Looking back at it now, he has failed us in some parts that he promised to change. He has also not improved the areas that he said would be improved. In the past, once we are coming close to another election season, our people start to work and that makes us elect them again. This year however seems different because today is already the 19th and nothing seems different.

We’re seeing same old faces about to run once again, we’re seeing the stomach infrastructure that makes people silly, we’re seeing the youths who are suppose to stand together standing apart.

I’m all out for a change but there’s once question that keeps coming to mind, “are we ready for the change we seek?” I ask this question because some people in our generation still want to see Akitu Abubakar in power. Dakun, this daddy was vice president for 8 years and didn’t do anything for us. The man he was vice to doesn’t even like him😧😧.

Tunde Bakare says God ministered to him to run. I’m not saying this from any place of hate or anything like that but he was PMB’s running mate for 8 years and they didn’t win. What makes us believe that it is God’s ministering and not his will to be in power 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.

Then we’ve my very own favourite of them all, Fela Durotoye. He’s young. His brain is sharp. He has ideas. With all the wonderful qualities, there’re buts. He has no prior political engagement. He was among the people who campaigned for PMB in the months leading to 2015.

We had a lot of youths campaign for PMB because we felt that he had the experience. In the last three years, we’ve gone down as a country. We’ve experienced our very worst. It hurts a lot to see that our beloved country has become an object of ridicule to a lot of people. We need to come together as a united body with our PVCs in 2019 to build a Nigeria of our future. We need to get back to the country of our dream because we’ve no other home.

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated to do better.